17 Amazing WordPress Security Tips You Should Follow as WordPress Developer

Important WordPress Security Tips

17 Amazing WordPress Security Tips You Should Follow as WordPress Developer

Hey guy how you doing ! today i am going to place some amazing WordPress Security Tips for all WordPress Developer, I hope it will help you lot to secure you and your customer’s business websites. Let’s start it now, First of all i have make 5 separate heading and under each heading there will be related security tips for you you can check these 4 section heading below and it’s related all security tips

  • Login Page Security to avoid Brute Force Attack
  • Tips to Secure your admin dashboard
  • Database security is more important
  • Hosting Related Security Tips 
  • Tips to Secure your WordPress, Theme and plugins

Login Page Security to avoid Brute Force Attack

Login page or login box it one general medium where hackers try lot of stuff via automation tools so it’s more important to secure these interface at first and it will minimize risk of hacking. here i have listed some security tips related to Login page.

website lock down and ban spam users

A lock down highlight for unsuccessful login undertake can take care of an massive issue, i.e. not any more consistent beast enforce undertake. At whatever point there is a hacking attempt with redundant wrong passwords, the site gets escape, and you get notification of this unapproved movement.
I discovered that The WordFence Security WP Plugin is one of the best such Security Plugin out there, and I’ve been utilizing it for such a long while. The Plugin has a great deal to offer in this regard. You can indicate a specific number of failed login attempts after which the Plugin bans the aggressor’s IP address.
On the other hand, you can also utilize The Login LockDown WP Plugin that was worked to help you with this issue only.

Set 2 Step Authentication System

Presenting the 2-Step verification at the login page is another great safety feature. For this situation, the client gives login points of interest to two distinct parts. The site proprietor chooses what those two are. It can be a Password took after by a mystery question, the secret code, an arrangement of characters, and so on.
I lean toward utilizing the secret code while conveying 2 step verification on any of my client’s Business websites or mine too. The WP Google Authenticator WordPress Plugin will help you a lot to set up this kind of 2 step verification login system.

It’s good to use email as login Id

As a matter of course, you need to enter your username to sign in into your WordPress website dashboard. Utilizing an email ID rather than a username is a more secure approach. The reasons are very simple. Username is anything and easier to predict, while email IDs are most certainly not. Likewise, any WordPress user account is constantly made with a one of a kind email address, making it a legitimate identifier for signing in.
Here is solution of your question “The WP Email Login” plugin works out of the container for this reason. It begins working directly after the activation of plugin and it requires no any kind arrangement and settings need to setup.
How to test it!, quite simply log out of your current session of WordPress admin and then directly log in again using your related mail id.

Rename “wp-admin/wp-login.php” files

To change the login URL is a simple thing to do. By default, the WordPress login page can be found to effortlessly, all WP users know that, they just need to put wp-login.php or wp-admin need to add to the site’s primary URL. I.e. www.mysite.com/wp-admin and go
At the point when bad programmers know the immediate URL of your login page, they can attempt directly to get into your valuable business website. They attempt to sign in with their GWDB (Guess Work Database, i.e. a database of speculated usernames and passwords; e.g. username: administrator / admin etc and password: p@ssword / Super@Admin… with a large number of possible combinations).

With this point you’ve been following this article then we have already restricted login attempts and change login credentials like swapped username with mail id. Now let’s change login URL too and get rid of of 99% of direct hacker’s attacks.

This little trick blocked an unauthorized activity from getting to the login page. Just somebody with the correct URL can do it. The iThemes Security plugin will help you to change your login URLs. I.e.

Change wp-login.php to something one of a kind; e.g. my_login
Change wp-admin to something one of a kind; e.g. my_own_admin

More Secure Password more secure you are

All howdy knows that password must be complex and will include everything like upper case, special symbol, lower case and numbers. Also Length of password will be good, the fact is you should change website password during regular time interval it will be good for security reasons.

Tips to Secure your admin dashboard

Just once think about if hacker will get access of your dashboard!!, it’s huge disappointment for any developer. it’s better to avoid risk and set proper security to your dashboard here are some Important WordPress Security Tips about how you can protect your admin dashboard.

Trick to Secure “wp-admin” directory

The wp-admin file structure is the heart of any kind of WordPress site or blog. That’s why, if WordPress file structure of your site or blog gets breakdown then the whole site can get harmed. don’t you think it’s like heart attack!!!
One conceivable approach to keep this is to need provide password protection for wp-admin directory With such safety effort, the website proprietor may get to the dashboard access by submitting two passwords. One ensures the login page, and the other the WordPress admin. On the off chance that the site’s other users are required to access some specific parts of the wp-admin directory then you may unblock those parts during locking the all others.
You can utilize the AskApache Password Protect plugin to securing the wp-admin part. It will automatically produces one .htpasswd file, encodes your password and update all file permissions as per your setup configuration that’s it.

Importance of SSL Certificate

Setup a SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is one savvy step towards secure your whole business website. SSL guarantees secure information exchange between client programs and the server, making it troublesome for programmers to breach the association or farce your data.
Getting a SSL certificate for your Business WP website or Blog is not an issue. You can buy one from some committed organizations like Godaddy, SiteGround or on the other side you can discuss your SSL Certificate requirement with your web hosting provider.
For most of our customers we utilize the SSL Certificate via SiteGround Hosting & from Godaddy, also SSL certificate additionally create impact for your business website’s rankings at Google search. Google search algorithm will place your position higher in search index in compare to non SSL secure websites and in present who doesn’t need higher ranking on search engine!? In short it will help to protect your website and also help a bit for your keyword rankings.

Carefully Add user accounts

Are you running multi user WordPress site or multi-admin blog!? Then you have to manage various individuals getting to your admin dashboard. This could make your site more helpless against security dangers.

With above situation I recommended, you can utilize WordPress plugin like Force Strong Passwords for your all sub admins & users to make sure that you and all your sub users are utilize secure password. I think this is very careful step toward secure WordPress Multi user Blog.

Database Security is more important

With WordPress CMS everything is stored on Database and security of Database is essential, that’s why here i will provide some Important WordPress Database security Tips.

Simply Change WP- table prefix to be more secure

All WordPress user is aware about WordPress Installation steps and all you know about the wp-table prefix that is always utilized by the WordPress database. here i recommend that you must need to change that wp-table prefix into something unique stuff.
Suppose you are Utilizing table’s by default prefix so in that scenario it makes your website database vulnerable again SQL injection attacks . Such attacks can be avoided by just changing your wp- to something I.e. newwp-, mywp- etc.
In case of you have already installed your WordPress Blog or Business website with the default “wp-” prefix, then don’t worries still you can set a couple of plugins which allow you to change your “wp-” prefix. This plugins will help you defiantly
WP-DBManager but make sure you have full backup of your website or blog before make change to prefix “wp-“. if any issue will be rise then you can restore everything via your backup.

Taking Regular backup is good thing

Regardless of how secure your business website/Blog is, at the end keeping an offline full backup of your working version so if there will be any kind of issues or hacking will occurs then you can use that offline backup to restore your business website/ blog again.
You can take complete backup manually via your Cpanel and FTP access also there is some more options available and you can utilize that option too, Plugins will help you in case of you want direct backups, and you can use VaultPress plugin that one is extraordinary solution.

Password Must be complex for your database

If you have set your WordPress website in your local system then by default your database user name is “root” and password is simply blank, so now if you are setting up your project in live server at that time you will have option to set very complex user name & password for your database, During creation of database via “Mysql databases”. Set unique user name for your database access and always use auto generated password for your database user that password will be quite complex and long. That is quite good practice to set this kind of DB user and password.

Hosting Related Security Tips

If you choose very best web hosting provider still i think you need to do these following points, it’s like security advantages for you

Protection wp-config.php file

The wp-config.php record holds important data related to your WordPress site installation, and it’s in the most essential document in your site’s root folder. and if you Securing this file it mean you are protecting very important piece of your WordPress website.
protection of wp-config.php file seems to be very easy, you just need to move your config file into top level directory and after doing this step still your site / blog will run without errors because WordPress structure have set high priority for configuration and WordPress still can see that file.
It’s very difficult for hackers to break security of your website/blog if access of your wp-config.php not available for them into related folder or directory.

Disable file editing feature

We already discuss about multi user WordPress website / blog with multi user option all sub admins can access all files related to WordPress installation like Theme Files, Plugin files but if you disallow file editing option using wp-config.php file then even if hacker will get access of your admin dashboard then still they are not able to modify, access all your files.
you just need to set this one line code with your wp-config.php file
define(‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true);
it will not allow any users to modify and access files using admin dashboard.

Always use secure server connections

For server connection you will have 3 options correct!, FTP,SFTP and SSH and generally developer always preferred SFTP over the traditional FTP access and there is good reason behind selection of SFTP, SFTP provide secure transformation of your all files with compare to simple FTP. i am pretty sure all hosting provider provide SFTP option and if no option will be there then you can google it there will be lot’s of information for you. Also it’s good programming practice to be always use SFTP for your file transfer.

Set proper permissions to File & Directory

Directory permission is big matter related to security if you have set wrong permission for directories then it can be fatal, especially when you are working on shared hosting plan.
In such a case, set permission for files & directory will be good move to secure your website at hosting level if you will set permission as following
Directory Permission = 7-5-5
Files Permission = 6-4-4 then it will protect complete directories and particular file as well.
You can set permission via your Cpanel or you can use command line, if you are using command line then you need to use “chmod” command to assign controls.

Disable directory listing via 1 line of .htaccess code

let me explain this point by using one live example, suppose i am working on one multi sub domains website and i need to create many sub directory as per my requirements, so once i will add any directory then any one can found that via URL I.e. i have created demo so if you enter “/demo” after main URL then you are able to see it without any trouble. how you can restrict that issue! it’s pretty simple you just need to add 1 line of code into your .htaccess file and that’s following.
“Options All -Indexes”
The above code line will protect all your created directories, this small afford will provided big protection to your business website so never compromise with security.

Tips to Secure your WordPress, Theme and plugins

The Final one, all WordPress users and WordPress Developer know that WordPress had 3 main Pillars 1 – WordPress CMS, 2 –  WordPress Theme, 3 – WordPress Plugins so this one is purely related to these all 3 pillars

Stay Update Stay Secure

WordPress is most popular CMS on planet and widely used and behind this CMS there is also good strong team of developer & designer and frequently they released new updates for WordPress with each and every update they fixed bugs and some time some vital security patches. I recommended that every time when you see new update for WordPress CMS, plugins and for your website theme then you must need to update it to latest version immediate, it will removed many bugs and also improve many functionality and user experience too.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any query related to this tips also please provide your valuable feedback via your comments. all kind of suggestion accepted related to this blog for more read OUR BLOG

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