5 Tips to Design Business Website For High Conversion Rate

5 Tips to Design Business Website For High Conversion Rate

5 Tips to Design Business Website For High Conversion Rate

Hello Guys how are you all! Today i will provide some cool tips about business website design, it will help to increase conversion rate of your business website, let’s start tips discussion now. you need to follow these 5 tips to boost conversion rate.

  • Set Strong & Visible CTA (Call to Action)
  • Make navigation very easy to help customer
  • High speed website with Fluid responsive Feature
  • Combo of quality content & media
  • Blog is backbone of social media marketing

Set Strong & Visible CTA (Call to Action)

Here i am asking one question to all of you, what’s purpose of your business website? and answer of all peoples will be “we want to boost our sales, whatever its sales of products or sales of services.” basically i want to say always we need to treat our business website as business’s front line salesman. CTA (call to action) will help you to rise your sales %, it will generate more leads for you, and your CTA must be visible and attractive. Using CTA you can catch attention of your visitors and strong single line text of CTA will inspire visitor for purchase product or service.
Check some example here

  • Hire Free Consultant First Time for 30 Minute Session.
  • Are You New Customer? Get 20% Discount Now.
  • Just Get in Touch & Get Free Analysis Report.

Where to set CTA! Most important thing is you need to place on highly visible part of your website like main navigation menu, using floating image left/right side also on each page you can set with website content as main section of page. CTA button link can be anything whatever contact method you most prefer, email id, phone number, contact page, direct sale and so on. The bottom line is CTA is main tool on your website to collect more business leads and boost sales, the more attractive and visible your CTA chance of lead generation and sales are brighter.

Make navigation very easy to help customer

Many analysis reports revealed the truth of easy navigation, if navigation of website is much easier then it will create far better impact on your sales. Say if Your potential customers can’t find your product, how they can buy it from your website? Easy navigation will help user to navigate website and every small portion of your website as well, it means visitors will stay on your site for longer time thus chances of purchase by customer will increase.

During website design & development face we just need to take care of these points.

  • Proper main navigation bar with all important links included.
  • Related sub menus, categories, product, service links need to set.
  • Related product/service list on each product’s details page.
  • Must show current running offer’s details using floating image or via popup on each page of website.
  • Set Proper inner links it’s helpful for SEO ranking.

High speed website with fluid responsive feature

Not all guys are enough technical to building their own business website but you don’t need to be more technical in case of testing your business website. After finalizing your design concept and flow of website with your developer or agency, you just need to test your website’s quality and that you can identify by checking website loading speed and responsive version.
For website speed testing you can utilize many available online tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix and Google’s own PageSpeed Insights tool using these all you will have clear idea about your website performance. everybody just love faster website and Google search algorithm love it too, means faster loading time will help in case of SEO ranking.
Now a day great user experience will create huge impact on your business website, you must need to consider user experience during your website creation; user will visit your site using any available device like tablet, Smartphone, desktop system and laptop. You need to satisfy your all customer for good business growth. To deal with this situation you will be required Fluid responsive business website, it will auto fit on all available screens sizes and that’s main advantage of fluid responsive web design.

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Combo of quality content & media

Great business website means! It will generate more and more leads and sales for your business, there is 2 main feature of great business website, one is quality content and second one is media (images and videos).
Many business owner focus on produce high quality content and underestimate value of media. I think all people know about this milestone proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” so how we can’t underestimate media’s power.
How to utilize media power? It’s quite simple, using image you can represent your service/ products. most of user will not read your complete content but if you will set some images which will described product’s / service’s feature then most of customer will get idea about what you want to express via content, yeah of course content will help to archive high ranking on search rank.
There is another option we have “Video Presentation” Now a day there is lots of tools available, using those tools you can create some cool videos using your product details, service details, cool images, and icon and so on. Advantage of video presentation is, once user will see that video they will have clear idea about your business and services. i hope now you guys have some cool idea about how you can utilize power of these combo.

Blog is backbone of social media marketing

As I said with above point “content is king” based on content you can gain higher ranking on Google’s search page. If you will hire any SEO consultant or SEO agency then first of all they integrate blog on your business website and then they will do marketing of your website. My point is no one know your product better then you, if you will write content yourself or will be become editor of your content’s then it will create very different impact on your customer’s view point.
For each product or service you can write blog post, you can narrate feature of each product via single blog post. Rich blog post will boost number of reader and increase user engagement, this kind of user engagement will increase your all over sales.

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