7 eCommerce Trends for Exceptional Success in 2017


7 eCommerce Trends for Exceptional Success in 2017

Hello to Every one good day, with this week post let’s discuss something much interesting about 2017, after lot’s of thoughts finally i am ready and wrote this post about eCommerce trends. we are in new years and with new years we will face new things during 2017, so let me provide you some useful information about eCommerce trends for exceptional success in 2017. The main 7 trends i have explain here lets go from here

Follow These 7 eCommerce Trends for Exceptional Success in 2017

  1. Growth of Digital Transactions
  2. Concept of Same Day Delivery
  3. Intelligence Chat Bots
  4. Mobile Commerce
  5. Multi / Omni Channel Shopping
  6. Gain Trust and You will Gain everything 
  7. Trend of Big Data Analysis will increase

Growth of Digital Transactions

I am pretty sure you have heard about many of them like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google wallet and PayPal these all utilities no longer asking for our credit, debit cards to finish an online transactions or exchange, These all can be done with your finger print or Pin code number. During last year 2016, more and more customers adopted digital payment options they have used wallets, cards, online internet options to complete digital payments like paid bills, buy products, book tickets, book cabs and lots of stuff. This platform already set and with 2017 it will continue and expand dramatically. Experts predict that within 2019/20 every customer will be able to complete their transactions using digital wallets.

Concept of Same Day Delivery

In recent past we heard about drone delivery concept, but i think it’s still a pipe dream for all of us, we all know about Amazon’s prime deliver concept i am not going to tell you that all should follow that same but my point is during 2017 we will see trend of same day delivery and to archive that challenge concept of local drop-off points for online order’s same day delivery will we rise soon. i have recently checked A Forrester report’s statistics and it’s like just WOW feeling because 29% of online buyers will ready to pay extra charges for same-day delivery!.
Now i am confident and much sure about this same-day delivery trend it will help customer to get things done rapid-fire way, also delivery & return has been consider as big pain for all online consumers and now using same-day delivery we can cut off complexity of deliver & return policy in 2017.

Intelligence Chat Bots

Chat! Chat! Chat! now a day’s everyone love to chat and we can take advantage of chat love of humans, we all know about success of all messages apps and its popularity on planet, so now it’s time to go with “Artificial intelligence” during 2017, here i am talking about intelligence chat bots.
The chat boat is an automated messenger service but for better user experience big eCommerce retailer like Amazon, eBay will take help from very advance chat bots to get user engage with bran and products. Actually i think these latest chat bots will provide details based on user’s requirements like Give answer to user about what they are looking for, proper product suggestion, answers customer’s queries related to product or purchase, detect user’s language and so on.
That way we will get more user engagement for products, brands and for store, it means better user experience, more users, more sales and more profit. Also this chat bots will be money savings for you, because it will replace your chat representative person.

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Mobile Commerce

We are living in Smartphone era here i am representing some of latest statistics related to Mobile World, There are 2.6 billions Smartphone user worldwide (Deviceatlas Report), 207.1 million Smartphone users are in only USA and 292 million Smartphone users are in India (Statista Report).
Smartphone commerce increasing day by day during year of 2016 mobile commerce sales count was approx $26.7 Billion and analytic experts expecting that figure will be reached at $32 Billion sales, it mean during upcoming years m-commerce’s partnership % in total market growth will increase and that’s main reason of m-commerce trend.

Multi / Omni Channel Shopping

Before 2.5 decade commerce was very much limited like you can say it was within bricks store and then couple of new concept will be there called catalog sales, TV commerce, calling commerce, affiliate commerce and so on.  Now today many e-retailers facing one major issue and it’s called “channel fragmentation” because of lot’s of features and trends already released, The channels gap causing confused client base and dilute brand image. PureNet’s Experts are expecting that during 2017 all retailers can start unifying shopping channels by providing lot’s of features such as real-time stock information, Multi channel wish lists for users and so on, it’s like “Getting The Basics Right” and then you can start with many more innovative Omni-channel technologies.

Multi-channel shopping trend is rising and will be evolve into full-fledged shopping trend during 2017, here e-retailer will get couple of good advantages using Omni-channel selling like they will have clear idea about customer’s preferences to most purchased products, how they want to like get deliver also main one is shopping pattern of each customer.

Gain Trust and You will Gain everything

Can you tell me who your good brand ambassador is? yeah, you hear it right your customer will be your good brand ambassador, it’s obvious thing guys like you purchase something from some where you just love their service, products, response i mean almost all things then defiantly you will recommended them to your friends, family or relatives. It means that particular product and brand now going to be auto promoted by you. How it’s possible? Let’s discuss here.
Now a day’s retailers are started to notice like how customer can developer trust in a brand, according to consumer experts more than 52% of customers will going to trust other customer’s photos rather than brand’s created photos. what it means?, it’s clear that first of all customer check online reviews and other customer’s rating for particular e-retailer and based on that they will decide about their purchase decision for that product or brand.
How to get advantage of this situation? Here i am listing out couple of good points for e-retailer to gain trust of customers

  • Encourage your reputed customers to rate your products and write testimonials
  • Show testimonials from customer to your product page or brand page
  • You need to set showcase of your high profile customers
  • Showcase trust marks like McAfee

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Trend of Big Data Analysis will increase

Big data analysis is a hot trend across many industries, and impact of big data analysis will be very huge and it will help a lot for these all stuff

  • Based on user’s historical shopping details e-retailer can create very personalized product portfolio for them.
  • After using heat mapping technique e-retailer can create exclusive tailor made shopping experience for their users.
  • Encourage users via pricing offers and discounts it will boost overall conversion rates.
  • demographics based accurate online advertisement will help a lot

on the other side e-retailer can use real time analytics in location based stores too, key metrics of user activities will help a lot like best selling products, average billing cycle of particular user, most visited product page etc using these all useful information we can construct remodel of e-store for better experience and sales growth.

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