7 Landing Page Design Tips That You Must Read Before Go Live

7 Landing Page Design Tips That You Must Read Before Go Live

7 Landing Page Design Tips That You Must Read Before Go Live

Now a day every one want to boost their sales and for sales marketing tones of options available in market, if people want to sale online then lots of people’s first choice is “Landing Page sales”. Today i am going to provide some very useful Landing page design tips, it will be very helpful in case of high conversion rate and high conversion rate means more sales leads and sales. I have focus on main 7 landing page design tips that you must read before you set your landing page on live let’s start now 🙂

These are main 7 landing page design tips please check following list

  • Get to the point directly
  • Picking up good contrasting colors
  • Company Logo and Face of Company
  • User’s provided social proof (Tweets, Comments)
  • Outstanding call to action (CTA)
  • Good representation of Contact information
  • Consistent campaign is a key

Get to the point directly

We all know users read whole article if it’s informative or related to his own business else people have short attention spans and will not read fully. That mind set of user we can consider during landing page design also. Typography will play big role in case of landing page design, using proper typography you will get user’s direct attention for your important sales blurb. Please avoid big amount of content on your landing page, list out all main advantages and features and set under bullet listing or number wise point to point, it will help your customer to get better idea about your products.
Basically good set of typography will create positive impact on your customer’s mind as they can see main features easily, they will have clear idea about what they are going to buy and how it will helpful for them. Bottom line is “never underestimate importance of typography during your landing page design.”

Picking up good contrasting colors

Have you notice anything related to color selection and how it will change approach of user? Well it’s true and tones of analysis report were proved it already. Color selection during your website design & landing page design will be totally different things, your business website will represent your business and brand and landing page will be part of your sales channel or medium of sales.

Your landing page must be colorful and very attractive too, in case of attraction selection of contrasting colors will help a lot. Personally I recommended you should set light background colors like grey, milk white, light blue etc for your landing page and funky colors like yellow, pink, red and so on you can set as background of feature list, sales blurb, sale price and important text. Such color combination will help to all users for identify most important things on your landing page, once users get attention for particular important things they will read it, that way you can inspired users for purchase things using your landing page.

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Company Logo and Face of Company

Brand identity and valuable person of company will boost your sale. For example Apple (Apple logo + Steve job), Microsoft (Microsoft logo + Bill Gates), Facebook (FB logo + Mark) there is lots of brands and face of brands we know. Here I am trying to tell you one well known truth about sales and that’s we called trust.
During design or your landing page you must need to add your company logo and face of company’s valuable person (CEO, brand ambassador), It will help to gain trust. This kind of combination representation will encourage all customers to buy your product or service.

User’s provided social proof (Tweets, Comments)

All experts have recommended using case study and testimonials on your business website, it will help to trust buildup and raise your overall sales. Same with landing page we can’t underestimate power of good social evidence related to your products or services. You must need to set social proof from your sales funnel. You can set different user’s tweets about your products, social comments of your audience and so on.
Why you need to use social proof? The answer is, it will help a lot in case of trust building, if you want to sale your product to new customer in that case its must necessary you need to get trusted attention from your new customer and it’s possible via representing your all social proof on your sales landing page.

Outstanding call to action (CTA)

I hope you guys already read Importance of CTA (Call to action button) in my previews post called “5 Tips to Design Business Website For High Conversion Rate” that’s all about how you can use your CTA on your business website.
Here in case of Landing page design role of CTA is bit different, we all know that landing page is part of sale channel and we set landing page only for boost our sales
When you set CTA on landing page it must be above the fold with action of direct sale not like lead capture or any other further long process For example:-
“Only last 2 Seats Available Now hurry Up! : Book Now” once user click on book now it must be direct booked via payment system no further process will be there.
Here is couple of example from my end

  • “Last 12 Quantity Available with 65% Discount: Buy Now”
  • “Last Day Sale Place Your Order and Get 40% Discount for Your Web Design: Place Order”

Good representation of Contact information

On landing page you can show your all kind of contact details like phone number, social profile links and address of your company, Facebook Fan page also you can use Google map for location. It will indicate that you are more open to connect and more friendly and always open for more business and accessible everywhere.
Social links will help user to identify your brand value on social media and also it will clear your image, which will help a bit and accelerate sale.

Consistent campaign is a key

Yeah consistency is a key to engage more users, where you running your sales marketing campaign you must need to stay consistent through your whole sales funnel. It will include your social media ads, offline advertising, and landing page and so on.
Just think you have place add of your sales program, you have use different content and material for that particular ads via that ads some customer will visit your main sales landing page and find something different then your online ads so it will create bad impact and downgrade your sales.

I hope you will love these 7 landing page design tips, Please don’t hesitate to place your opinion related to these tips, also place your million dollar comments so we can improve based on your reviews. For more useful articles read OUR BLOG

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