7 Precious Steps for PSD to WordPress Website Conversion


7 Precious Steps for PSD to WordPress Website Conversion

Hello Howdy! Since long I don’t have time to write post for all reader but finally I got some free time to write this blog post. First of all let me tell you one thing this post I am writing up based on my recent field experience.

I have got one business enquiry related to website revamp it’s already WordPress website features also looks good latest version WordPress installed, blog also integrated also website looks fine on all other devices like mobile, tablet and laptops, so naturally I asked question to customer “Why you wanted to revamp your website!?” And here is answer of customer “Basically my business website is custom made WordPress website (PSD to WordPress Conversion) but couple of potion was hard coded and also not easy to use and maintain, I wanted each and every part of my website must be dynamic and easy to use and manageable + it will be fast loading too can you do it that kind of work?” and finally after 1 and half hour discussion I crack that deal with promise about 100% dynamic and fast loading website we will deliver in next 3 weeks.

After finishing that project I have decided to write post on Design & Development process especially for PSD to WordPress Website Conversion. First of all I have note down all 7 main essential points of this complete process and these all 7 you can check with following list:

  • PSD to Fluid Responsive Bootstrap HTML Conversion
  • Get Confirmation form Client + Google Speed Testing
  • Use of underscores.me theme structure
  • Important elements VC, option tree, custom post types, advance custom field & Contact form7
  • Performance & Security
  • Is everything perfect? We can’t say anything without testing
  • Result of testing and then final work out

Let’s start with each point description from here

PSD to Fluid Responsive Bootstrap HTML Conversion

Anything you can build but condition is base must be rock solid. High quality HTML is a solid base for high performance WordPress website. PSD cutting and HTML conversion is 1st phase of any PSD to WordPress website conversion, I suggest that you must need to use Bootstrap framework for your HTML design to make it fluid responsive HTML. Also pixel perfect and appalling User interface will added extra advantage. Website will get user’s attention or not that is depending on visuals of website, Performance of website depends on quality of your HTML / CSS / JS code quality.  So I strongly suggest combination of Good quality visual appealing UI and Bootstrap design framework. Combination of both will provide rock solid base for your next milestone.

Get Confirmation form Client + Google Speed Testing

With second step don’t forgot to get review from your customer after all client have better idea about what kind of stuff they will required and not required once they will be happy then your actually task will be started and that’s TESTING of your develop HTML once you get confirmation from customer it’s your responsibility to provide top notch quality outputs and that you can define by TESTING your designed HTML with Google’s speed test tool. Google’s speed test tool will provide suggestions to improve your website as per their standard and they will provide suggestions like MINIFY YOUR CSS, THESE IMAGES NEED TO OPTIMISE, and MINIFY YOUR JS and so on. All you guys know that Google will play big role for SEO and ranking, so it’s first precaution from our end.

Use of underscores.me theme structure

Third phase is very important and critical phase because with 3rd phase we are going to build actually WordPress website. It’s PSD to WordPress website conversion so you don’t option to use any other ready mate themes, you have to build your own WordPress theme based website and here we have one solid option and it’s called UNDERSCORES.ME using this tool you can generate WordPress theme structure. you just need to enter your theme name and one click on GENERATE that’s it, you will get theme with that particular name and complete structure of WordPress basic theme. It’s very popular and useful tool for all WordPress Developer.

Important elements VC, option tree, custom post types, advance custom field & Contact form7

Now we are into fourth phase. You have HTML, WordPress basic theme and you need to integrate that HTML into WordPress CMS using your basic WordPress underscores theme. All developer are different their logics are different also work style too different but here I have list out some commonly used elements for all WordPress developers which they can use during HTML to WordPress conversion.
Advance Custom field (plugin): very useful and effective with all kind of post types
Custom Post Types (custom coded): depends on theme requirements we can register different types of custom post types
Option tree (Plugin): widely used because it will be very useful to provide global setting to particular theme
Visual Composer (plugin): it’s widely used WordPress plugin, it will provide easy to use interphase for admin user. easy element settings, drag & drop functionality, column & row layout options and too many things.
Contact form7 (plugin): Guys can you imagine any website without form? I don’t think so that’s why Contact form7 is must required element.

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Performance & Security

Guys once you have completed PSD to WordPress conversion then you must need to setup some very useful plugins, it’s related to performance increase and security. Couple of plugin will help you out from these situations.
In case of performance you can set one of them W3total cache, WP-Rocket, WP Super Cache, Quick Cache.
For SEO optimization you can set either Yoast SEO or All in one SEO.
We can’t compromise security am I right? here are some very useful security plugins WordFence, BulletProof Security, Sucuri Security, All In One WP Security & Firewall.

Is everything perfect? We can’t say anything without testing

Tones of freelancers and company make this kind of mistakes. Once project will be completed by designers & programmers they directly deliver to customer and that way they compromise quality. Testing is also one important phase of each and every project without testing we can’t identify issues. Here are some of most important testing points.
You must need to check functionality wise flow of website

  • Cross browser testing and responsive version testing with all devices (Android, IOS and laptops)
  • All available forms testing whether it’s working or not
  • Broken links or wrong linking testing

Result of testing and then final work out

We all love happy ending 🙂 and happy customers, for me after completion of project big smile on customer’s face is like million dollar review of our work but you know from where that big smile come !? It is very easy if you exceed expectation level of customer then only it happens and that we can do by providing high quality outputs to customer and to provide such outputs you need to improve your project testing skills.
The best thing you can do is first test complete project design wise, function wise and performance wise and then note down all conclusions from testing, once you have completed it now you have list of points to work on. So start work on it and perform your best to resolve those all small bugs and that way you can deliver top notch quality project to your customer.

I hop all reader enjoyed this article and tones of WordPress Developer will love this complete process of PSD to WordPress Website ConversionI am waiting for your guys suggestions about his article so i can analyze those suggestions and based on that i can improve this WordPress / PHP blog. for more interesting & informative articles please read OUR BLOG

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