Our Process

Our Vision

We must follow well organized, streamlined and high quality proof work flow structure to ensure that the project are well designed, well coded, tested and delivered within the time frame and with Top notch quality. We never compromised with quality. explore “Our Process”  to know more about how we will discuss your dream project, how will start work on that, how we being worked on the project, about testing and all stuff from A to Z. we believe if we provide more transparent work process details, we will occupied more TRUST from all customers.

  1. Cup Of Coffee

    Very first meeting with customer at our Coffee desk

  2. Idea Discussion

    We always listens Client's Idea first! What's in his/her mind

  3. Conclusion

    Once Client's Explanation will be over, we draft each point & prepare Final Conclusion of Requirements

  4. Plan

    Now we have Crystal Clear Requirement Document, so based on that document we prepare Project Plan

  5. Implementation

    Once complete plan is ready, our designers & developers team will start Project Implementation (Designing & Coding)

  6. Project Go through

    Once project implementation is done, we meet to customer and Go through complete requirement to check, is anything missing! or need to implement any new stuff!

  7. Testing

    Now final and top most important phase of project and that's we called "Complete Project Testing"

  8. Deliver

    Most awaited phase for us, as during Delivery Phase, customer will provide very valuable review, opinion and share his/her experience about Jannat Tech

  9. Happy Clients

    Clients are most valuable assets for us. With each project we give our best performance, that’s why our all clients come to us with a big smile on their face. After all, Client’s Success and Happiness is our real success and happiness.