WordPress Hosting for Developers: Choosing the Right Host – MilesWeb

WordPress Hosting for Developers- Choosing the Right Host

WordPress Hosting for Developers: Choosing the Right Host – MilesWeb

You will find abundant choices in today’s modern society with stupid varied options, all of those leading to the similar outcome. Suppose you pick one of the 30 different toothpaste brands, it is going to offer you the same benefits such as clean teeth and fresh breath. Are half of them going to lead to tooth decay? Of course not, as none of them is produced to make breath bad.

While selecting a WordPress host, though, it’s always the opposite. Now, you might wonder why? There are only few options available to a WordPress developer, but they all give much different services.  If you select the right host, it is going to boost your site’s performance, reduce development time, increase uptime and offer important support. If you choose a wrong host – imagine the toothpaste that contains the flavor of corn syrup and cane sugar. Tastes bland, right?

Prior to choosing your new host, take some time to brush up on the best WordPress hosting provider here.

The Two Types of WordPress Hosting:

In WordPress hosting, you will find variations in cost, performance and maintenance. When you consider different types, don’t miss to think about the current needs of your site as well as how those needs will change over time. You will need to think about the traffic spikes in a year. It is important to keep such long-term needs of your site in mind so that the hosting you select can make it easy for you to deal with them.

UnManaged Hosting:

Though unmanaged hosting is less expensive as compared to managed WordPress hosting, the sites hosted on it offer minimum features and need more work to create and maintain. Unmanaged WordPress hosting can be a best option for bloggers, individuals or independent contractors that are planning to create their personal website or establish an online presence. Even individuals who are eager to learn more about WordPress development and customization can select unmanaged WordPress hosting.

Managed Hosting:

In managed WordPress hosting, the professionals of the web hosting company control and maintain the technical aspects of a WordPress website. It is a highly sophisticated option for businesses and institutions in all industries as it offers invaluable advantages, such as high security, optimal site speed, superior customer support, enhanced performance, and a variety of other benefits.
MilesWeb is well-known managed WordPress host that provides hosting which is fast, easy as well as secure.  They cover almost all the business niche right from blogging, web development, WooCommerce stores to web design agencies and digital marketing firms under their WordPress hosting. Apart from WordPress hosting they also offer array of services such as shared, dedicated, VPS, cPanel reseller hosting, ecommerce hosting and more.

It’s Time to Evaluate their WordPress Performance

When you are selecting a WordPress host, performance is what you look for first. No doubt, every hosting provider will commit that their service is the fastest, scalable, and reliable. But MilesWeb does it differently as they offer what they commit.

Fast SSD Storage

Fast SSD Storage

Forget those traditional hard drives that needed a push to perform well. MilesWeb offers SSD drives storage that give 200% better performance than HDD. SSD drives use the flash memory to store data that enables such enhanced performance delivery.

Fast Provisioning

Fast Provisioning

Want robust, ultra-fast and scalable hosting for your WordPress sites? MilesWeb offers it for you. They have scalable cloud architecture which helps in launching a cloud instance within few clicks to persuade your next website project. This will take only a few minutes. In addition, you will get the features such as SSD hardware, LiteSpeed server caching, PHP 7 and HTTP/2 support to help your WordPress website perform with a blazing speed.

cloudflare railgun

Cloudflare Railgun

MilesWeb’s CloudFlare CDN offers a wide area network (WAN) optimization technology and is called Railgun. Railgun increases the performance of non cached pages by speeding up the connection between your web hosting server and the CloudFlare CDN.


GZIP/Brotli Compression

May your website be big/small, it will surely run fast when hosted on MilesWeb’s server. The gzip compression software included in all their WordPress hosting plans helps in improving the delivery time for sites of all sizes. Additionally, it diminishes the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser and boosts your WordPress website. With this, the server load also gets reduced.

server level caching

Server Level Cachingn

The built-in, all-in-one site acceleration plugin, LiteSpeed cache offers restricted server-level cache
and a pool of optimization features. You can enable or disable it as per your requirement from the managed WordPress interface. With LiteSpeed cache tool you don’t need to manage the complex caching plugins, ultimately accelerating your WordPress site. It supports WordPress Multisite as well as is compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast SEO.

Server Side Optimization

Server-side Optimizations

MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting plans are setup on the latest Intel Xeon processors (Dual Octa & Dual Deca, 64GB RAM, SSD with Hardware RAID 10). This ensures that your website performs well and pages load speedily. Enabling gzip compression, web server caching and setting cache headers also help in decreasing the server load per visitor.



MilesWeb has its own Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters located globally across India, US and UK. These datacenters help them offer 99.95% uptime. They commit to offer 100% availability of their data center HVAC and power supply all the time excluding scheduled and emergency maintenance.

MilesWeb’s Security Minded WordPress Hosting

Security plays a big role in terms of web hosting and therefore, it is important to look for how security minded is your web host.

Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb is much concerned about the security of their clients and so, all the websites hosted on their servers are SSL certified without any extra charges. Their security experts are continuously monitoring for vulnerabilities related to WordPress and see to it that your site doesn’t get affected.

automatic wordpress update

Automatic WordPress Updates

No need to check and install updates manually as MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting platform does that automatically. The backend software upgrades your WordPress to the latest version automatically. Also, the technical professionals ensure that your site is updated with new releases and other critical updates as well as core plugins immediately after those are released.


SFTP Access

MilesWeb offers SFTP access that helps in file transfer in a secure way between networked hosts. The old, insecure, slow FTP is just a plain gross. With this, you can also manage remote file system by allowing applications to restart the interrupted file transfers, list remote directory and delete remote files.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups

Backups are significant to protect your website from any breaches or issues on the server. They can be manual or automated. At MilesWeb, you don’t need to worry about your backup as your website’s backup is taken once every 24 hours. They even restore it free of cost. All the changes done on your website are tracked by their cloud backup service daily and enable you to recover all your website data instantly with only few clicks.

Get Some More Features with MilesWeb



You can create a completely similar copy of your WordPress site with all the database, website files and setting with cloning feature. A single click and a copy of your WordPress site gets created within few seconds. Developing your website, integrating a new plugin’s functionality, testing a new theme, migrating your site to other host or implementing any significant update, don’t worry you can still clone your site side-by-side.



WordPress Command Line Interface, abbreviated as WP-CLI is a powerful tool set that offers a interacting platform with your website from the command line or even programmatically. MilesWeb supports WP-CLI and also includes commands like wp-doctor and wp-profile.

Plans and Pricing

MilesWeb offers two types of WordPress hosting plans – WordPress Hosting + Jetpack Free and WordPress Hosting + Jetpack Professional.



Final Words for Developers

If you as a developer are looking for the best WordPress hosting, we hope you will consider using MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting instead of unmanaged WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting can’t be actually replaced for peace of mind when you want to keep your WordPress site secure, flexible and online.

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